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How to ask a question

To ask an expert a specific question, simply create a new thread that details your question. Keep the question short and to the point but at the same time, provide any necessary detail so that our experts can properly answer your question.

All questions will be read by Crohnsforum.com staff. From those submissions, only a portion will be submitted to our experts. From those submissions, only a portion will be answered. So please do not take any offense if your question is not answered. In addition, questions not immediately answered may be answered by an expert in the future, so please be patient.

If you are unsure how to specifically ask as question, ask anyway and we can work on the wording together

Please do not try to ANSWER people's questions. If you have an addition to the question or have an opinion regarding how it should be asked, you are welcome to reply to the thread.

Start asking away!
It's good to be back

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