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What can I eat?

Ok, I have had a stoma (ileostomy ) and have been pretty safe in what I have been eating over the last year. There are many foods I miss and have been reading different things on the net regarding what you can and can't eat. I am we'll aware of the no go foods ie skins, nuts, seeds but have found many contradicting references regarding lettuce, spinach, baked beans, sausages, certain vegetables and such like.
I would love to know what other ostomites on this site are eating and what has or hasn't caused them trouble.
What I don't understand is for all of us with an ostomy, what is the difference between us and a normal person? Surely the no go foods have the same risks to the lucky ones as we do? We empty into a bag somewhere along our small intestine rather than food following its natural course! I just don't get what makes us different, for sure those of us with crohns and uc risk inflammation and other nasties and I get that but if we are not flaring and all is seemingly well what is the difference?
Ps this thread has come about due to an insatiable urge to eat a Big Mac lol.

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