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Here is the list I have been promising. Some are better than others. I suggest you watch them as a family and discuss them in detail. A couple of them are a little strong when it comes to the medical field and pharmaceuticals. I think if kids (especially teens) are watching these the message needs to be tempered. I am as passionate about nutrition a medicine as the next guy but also recognize the need for meds (ha! just look at my signature). Also, while I agree a vegan diet is probably best, my family is not able to do it 100%, 100% of the time. We take the message in each video/book etc and do our best. So here are some of the family's favorites (in order of preference). Most can be found at your public library. There are a bunch of others but I asked my kids and these are the ones they liked best.

Have Fun!

Forks Over Knives - excellent medical research and disease prevention...vegan
Food Matters - they can get down on pharma and docs
Fed Up - about sugar
Food Inc - talks a lot about the practices of food companies...ick!
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - juicing but good nutritional info
Supersize Me
Hungry For Change
Vegucated - more based on animal protection than diet
Food Inc - politics of food
Uprooting - very good but a lecture
King Corn - also GMO based
Dying to have Known - cancer based and I think pushes a certain doc's regime

On our to watch list: What's On Your Plate - follows kids.
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Vit d 2000IU
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Daughter T dx 1/2/15 at age 11
Vitaligo, Precoscious puberty & Crohn's
Vit D 2000IU

Previously used, Exclusive Enteral Nutrition, Methotrexate (injections and oral), Folic Acid, Entocort,IBD-AID Diet

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