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Curious about "cheating"

LOL that title could be taken the wrong way.

My daughter has been on SCD for almost 8 months. Doing well as far as doctor can tell - she never really had GI symptoms (her Crohn's presented as lack of growth and malnutrition). Blood work is good and she has grown/gained some.

For those of you with kids on SCD or any particular diet, do they EVER cheat? My daughter takes "rules" very seriously and has never deviated from the diet. She doesn't ask to but I have been wondering lately if, after so many months, an occasional cheat would be bad, now that she has a stronger and more balanced gut. Her birthday is in a couple weeks and I know she'd love to have a "real" cake or a piece of pizza. Maybe I'm just dreaming, but I'd love to hear your experiences. I don't know if everyone is as militantly strict as we've been! Thanks
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Ds has life threatening food allergies as well as crohns etc...
So he won't cheat on his diet
Right now he does a combo of three diets for FA IBd and GP

Is she allowed honey and nut flour on scd ?
Not sure if the rules but used to cooking with little conventional ingredients
I think that is key teaching her to cook items that follow the rules but still give her cake and pizza

Ds once had nothing but pure sugar cotton candy "cupcakes" and shaved ice for his birthday

But cakes are easy even without traditional flour
As is pizza
Let us know what she can have and see if you can find something scd legal since this is long term
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This one looks like it would work for cake
If it's about a bakery cake - not sure of the need to cheat for that

We have made almond cupcakes before similar to above recipe which were delicious
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Thanks, that recipe looks good. Yes she can have honey and nut flour. I have done a LOT of baking with almond flour and honestly she has gotten sick of the taste of all the legal baked goods. She is very picky and rejects anything with coconut flour so that's out.

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Is she on a maintenance med?

The way our doc and dietician explained it to us when we found out our daughter snuck a piece of Halloween candy is that it won't hurt them. It is the equivalent of forgetting to take a dose of your med...which happens all the time with kids.

That said, if you could avoid cheating, I would. If you have ever been on a strict diet, you know that once you introduce the forbidden food it only wets your appetite more and makes you more depressed about not having it.

There are a bunch of SCD bakeries out there. Many ship. Maybe you and she can look over the menus and see what might intrigue her as a treat. It is really the same as what you would make but for some reason when it comes from the professionals in the cute little boxes it is so much more special.

Here is a bakery I have used. http://dukesbakery.com/images/DUKES_MENU_2014_new.pdf
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Interesting. No she is not on any meds. I see your point about whetting the appetite though! Thanks, I will check out that bakery.
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Hi. My son is on scd. Those celebrations are so hard! And why does every teen event involve donuts or pizza??

He does not like coconut flour either. Lately I've been using cashew flour and am trying to get him to like cauliflower flour (it is pretty nasty).

We are militant about scd. One reason is we are trying to set some habits for when he goes to college and I can't oversee. The second is he is away from home with sports a lot and I think he might use any flex he thinks he may have, often, because it is work to follow scd out of the home. Mainly though, it makes sense to me to do the diet completely just like he would take a med as prescribed.

In about 15 months he has told me about eating a couple of chick fil sandwiches (no bun). And I found a DORITOS bag under his bathroom sink????? Guess what? Nothing bad happened.

I know I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth here! It is hard...

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We just started SCD for S, so our experience is limited. But we do "cheat" once in a while - insofar as gravitating into the list of foods that IBD-AID allows but SCD does not. IBD-AID is derived from SCD but is slightly different in terms of allowed foods (steel cut oats, local maple syrup, pureed tofu, flaxseed meal are allowed in IBD-AID but not SCD) and which stage one can consume them. Look up details and recipes at www.umassmed.edu/nutrition

We have our first set of birth day parties after starting SCD this weekend. Menu is pizza, so we will take homemade SCD compliant pizza for S.
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After having been on a super strict diet at home, our daughter is on her own in her second year of college. She has access to fresh food, salads, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free food, etc. and has learned on her own where and how much she can cheat.

Basically, with a clean diet, she has zero symptoms.

Wheat products are definitely not on the list - even a trace (has happened accidentally) will cause consequences for her. I don't think anyone could get her to even try pizza or a bakery cake.

However, we have a favorite crohn's friendly carrot cake we make for special occasions, and when I make it and serve along with regular bakery-style cake, it is more popular than the bakery cake. Here's a link to it in Elena's Pantry https://elanaspantry.com/carrot-cake/. I have actually refined it and added some ingredients (pineapple, arrowroot, different oil, etc.), but the original is great too. We skip the frosting and serve plain or with cashew cream. It makes a great breakfast the next morning too.

If you have your heart set on pizza, Sami's bakery is the best way I know to go - crust made of millet, flax, and rice. Great texture! Top with homemade marinara and goat cheese. You can see the crusts from Sami's here: https://samisbakery.com/product/mill...x-pizza-crust/

Best of luck!

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