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Elemental 028 and TPN

Hi everyone,

just a bit of background, I was diagnosed with crohns when I was 10 years old (now 26). Currently on prednisolone but was recently omitted to hospital for treatment on fistulas, extreme weight loss and a stricture preventing me from going to the loo. Before going into hospital I was unable to eat anything and just drinking fortisip drinks. After my surgery to clear the infection I was able to eat absolutely fine and constantly felt hungry so decided to follow a low residue diet. The doctors recommended I'd be on TPN every day for a short time With the idea that I will return back to hospital for a stoma. When leaving hospital I asked the doctors about doing an Elemental diet whilst carrying on the TPN to try and prevent surgery and so far it has worked wonders. I'm due to have an MRI scan in a few weeks so hopefully my insides look healthier as well as feeling better.
One thing I hate about this disease is that everyone is different and I'll struggle to find someone who has had the exact same experience but has anyone been through similar and avoided surgery?

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