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Hi everybody..

So I guess I just need a place to journal my thoughts at the moment, all responses are welcome though and if I do ask some questions all advice is appreciated!

I've been having stomach problems for 10/12yrs on and off. I guess we'll call them flare-ups. Anytime I went to see the doctor, it was kind of palmed-off as an irritable bowel, even though I knew there were no specific foods affecting me and deep down I knew for a long time there was something pretty seriously wrong.

Everyone kept telling me not to worry though, so when the symptoms disappeared and I felt strong, it was put to the back of my mind. Turns out to have been a pretty big mistake.

Just under 3weeks ago, I was in the midst of a flare up and had a really rough day. I began to vomit blood, felt far more pain than usual and became really weak. I decided to visit the hospital.

After 10 days of pain, a few tests, 7/8 doctors and heaps of pain killers.. They finally realised that I wasn't exagerrating my symptoms and had evidently been doing quite a good job of putting on a brave face for such a long time. The test resualts showed a pretty gnarly bowel obstruction. They decided to do an emergency laparotomy and ended up removing 85cm of my small bowel. They think its crohn's disease, but the biopsy results haven't come back yet.

Now I'm really not feeling the best. Surgery was 7 days ago today and I guess I'm still a little worried. Any pain I feel I'm concerned there's gonna be another bloackage and I'm gonna need to go through it all again far sooner than I'd like.

I was feeling confident, back on my feet, getting mobility back, feeling better and better each day and then something just seemed to stop inside me and now I feel blocked again. Really hoping its just an off day or whatever and this thing is fixed. (probably have been eating a little too much, but I feel so hungry all the time) Definitely not comfortable on the way out!

Wish I could sue all the doctors that palmed me off and didn't do the proper investigations over the years! ughh completely changed my life for a while. Not what I wanted!
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Welcome to the forum. Sadly it can be difficult to diagnose Crohn's when you have mild symptoms. I just had diarrhea with no pain, but luckily one doctor took it seriously and sent me for testing. If you're on prednisone, that will make you hungry all the time. I put on some weight while on it the first time. It's a big life change for sure, but take good care of yourself, and you can manage it.
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Might be a god idea to let your GI know what is happening...they may want to check things.
Feel better soon
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Hey dude I hope you feel better soon! I'm always down to talk Message me any time if you have questions regarding your disease.. been doing this for years.
Crohns for 10 years. Diag. with moderate crohns disease at 11.

Currently on Remicade... and a whole regimen of pills and supplements.

Always trying to keep a happy outlook on any situation.

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