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Crohn's and body development

So I would like to ask regarding body development for teenagers who suffer from Crohn's. I was diagnosed with Crohn's at 16 and am 23 now.

I am a male and I happen to stand 5'7", just as tall as my mom and much shorter than my dad. I know this won't change anymore but I believe bad nutrition absorption probably stunted my growth and lack of proper treatment till 21.

As I am one of those people with baby face. I have always wanted to grow a beard to look a bit older at work but was never able to. Could Crohn's also affect beard growth? When I was on steroids for the first time, I grew quite a bit of facial hair but some fell off. But I had more facial hair then when I started out.

Wondering if I should go on a long course of steroids again given I think I am still malnourished and azathioprine doesn't seem to be helping me too much.
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Can you see an endocrinologist?
They deal with hormones and things like facial hair .
As far as malnutrition
There are many formulas out there which can supplement food
Amino acid based formulas (elemental-vionex ) can be used woth only a few inches of healthy intestine.
Ds uses these (over 8 years now ) and continues to grow etc..., per norm per his endocrinologist
He drinks neocate jr but is only 15

If aza isnít working then you could try biologics
They have worked wonders for ds for over 7 years
He was dx at age 7
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