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Please help

is it possible to have a visually clear colonoscopy and still have the biopsies come back positive? Gi was positive he would find a mess but things looked good. took biopsies every 10cm of intestines and colon. pill cam was negative, calprotectin positive inflammation markers positive.
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Ds had a good looking colonoscopy at dx
Biopsy showed acute and chronic inflammation consistent woth Crohn’s disease
Including non caseating granulomas
MRE showed mild thickening in the terminal ileum

Have you had an
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Try to have your doctor order an MRI Enterography. Even though most cases manifest themselves immediately inside the small and large intestine, it's possible to have IBD, especially Crohn's beneath the surface and inside the walls.

This is how I was finally diagnosed after dealing with 15+ years of gradually worsening symptoms.

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