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What is it like being pregnant with Crohns?


I am not close to having kids in life, but because my periods have become way more painful since getting crohns and messing with my bowel movements I am now curious.

What is it like to be pregnant? I guess it changes person to person but do you think it makes the crohns worse or hurts more??

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For a woman it is evident that many causes can increase the risk oh having crohn's disease. Like Psoriasis may increase the risk of crohn's disease in women. So first of all you should get aware of crohn's disease causes, symptoms and then get the right treatment for it.
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I think it depends on the person. Some people experience no symptoms and go into remission while others experience flares. For me I had flares with each pregnancy and they tended to be worse no doubt because how much I stressed about it.
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Hi there, I had a baby this year. Pregnancy was fine with no differences to a non-crohns pregnancy. I stayed on remicade the whole time as well. I was monitored more closely than 'non-crohns women' which was a little annoying (more appointments and scans etc) but at the same time it was also nice to know that all was ok with babe.
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I know someone with colitis who felt super good during pregnancy and is already looking forward to getting pregnant again because she was in perfect remission.
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I got Crohns while pregnant and they couldn't diagnose me properly because they attributed all my symptoms to pregnancy. I have finally been diagnosed 4 monthes postpartum. I am not looking forward to having another baby.
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I had 2 terrific pregnancies. Felt the best that I have felt. As soon as I delivered, the flares begin. So, my DR kept me on a low dose of steroids when I was pregnant the second time. Both kids were born healthy. YIPEE
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I had two pregnancies back to back. Both were great. I had one flare with my first pregnancy but it went away on its own (rest, fluids, etc). I felt really good those two years...and stayed in remission for a few years afterwards too!
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