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Hello...my crohns is finally stable enough after having a bowel resection and bladder fistula removed to move forward with trying to conceive. Fertility specialist recommended IVF because of the potential for scar tissue (having an ultrasound soon to confirm). My biggest concerns are the fertility meds and stress of IVF causing a flare. Anyone experience successful IVF without negatively impacting health? Thank you!
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We did IVF due to scarring for both our kids. My Crohns wasn't flared at all from the drugs or process. We got pregnant with our first try (fresh transfer) and pregnant again our second try 16 months later with a frozen transfer. My Crohns was the best it's ever been during both pregnancies & I stayed in remission in between. I felt great for about a year after before having a flare.
Good luck, it's a long road but so worth it in the end if all goes well!
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I went through fertility to have my son aswell and had no issues. I took lots of warm baths and made sure I got proper rest. My pregnancy was great and didn't flare till he was 14 months old, at that point I switched mess and seem to be ok. Keep positive thoughts!
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Thank you both for your responses, they give me hope. Doc says we should be transferring by December. Fingers crossed!
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Fingers crossed for you!

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