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Erectile disfunction quick fix

Hello. Just thought Iíd ask a quick question.

After suffering from some severe surgery I developed PTSD, I was prescribed 20mg of citalopram and I have been on them for around a year. My anxiety is much better but I put that down to just time and things naturally getting better. I donít think the tablets have really helped much. Anyhow. Basically Iím seeing this girl and I literally canít hold a boner. Iím 23 which makes it funnier. She doesnít care to be fair, itís just myself that wants it sorting and preferably by tomorrow night.

Iím currently on, aza, Pentasa, cotalopram, some esomeprezole and VIT D tablets. Anyone think a viagra would do any harm?

Thanks in advance. I welcome natural fixes too.
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This is something you should speak to your doctor about. It's not uncommon for Crohn's to affect libido, but there could be other underlying causes as well (atherosclerosis, heart disease, etc.). It might not hurt to see a urologist. It should be another 15-20 years before you start experiencing issues like you're describing.
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Hi Mate, it depends if this is happening regularly or only when you have interaction with her. Sometimes you can chalk it up to nerves as it's unlikely it's caused by your biology. Anxiety is always an issue here so I would suggest to try meditation and to just ease into the whole affair, take your time and don't stress.
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Itís the citalopram. All SSRIís can produce sexual side effects and ED in men. Maybe ask about buproprion which doesnít have that side effect.

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