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New here and could use some advice

Hello all,

I'm newly diagnosed with Crohns (Sept. 2018) and for the most part have been doing pretty well over the past few months. I've been taking entocort 3mg x 3 times per day with good results. My main symptom has always just been never-ending diarrhea. Since Wednesday this week, I started having moderate pain just to the right of my belly button area, that's still there for the 3rd day now. It seems to intensify with how much I eat or drink. By bedtime, it hurts to even stand up straight. I've tried a laxative today thinking maybe something wasn't passing as it should (never thought I'd be taking one of those!), and the pain now has lessened some, but hasn't really made much of a difference. Just very sore to the touch around that area.

For a little background, I was diagnosed after a colonoscopy where they biopsied my terminal ileum, which had a lot of irritation. The colonoscopy was done to investigate my symptoms and since I have a family history of colon cancer.They later did a small bowel follow-thru (barium swallow) that didn't reveal anything significant.

My GI doctor is semi-retired and only in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I wish now I had called Thursday. There's no fever or significant loss of appetite or anything like that, just this dull ache that stays with me. I've read through many posts and see there are a lot of people here with years of experience dealing with this, so any insight/advice is very much appreciated. I'm hoping the pain will subside over the weekend but if not, I'll be calling the doc's office early next week.
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Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear you experiencing a flare up.

I donít know much about your medication but the pain you are feeling is enough that I think you should have it checked out.
There really is no way to know whats going on from the symptoms alone. Hopefully your Doctor can do some testing and figure it out.

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The pain could literally be anything, from an irritated or inflamed stretch of intestine to a stricture or fistula trying to form. Probably best to get it checked out.

A word of caution about Entocort. After I had been on it for about 3-4 months, some strange things started happening. Some of my Crohn's symptoms started returning, plus I was dealing with effects of being on a corticosteroid too long. A lot of GI doctors put people on Entocort long term, but it's not meant to be a long term solution.
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Thanks all for the replies. The pain has for the most part subsided, just a little touchy in that area now.

I did speak with the Doctor about switching off Entocort for a couple reasons, one is that I've read many places where it should not be taken long term and it's very expensive with my high deductible insurance plan. I'm going to bring this up again the next time I see him for sure.
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Wish you to get well soon fellow warrior 😀

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