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No sleep with ostomy bag

Has anyone had to relieve bag pressure and poop in middle of night?
I have not had a decent night's sleep since this damn thing has been attached to me. 14 months! I can clock awakenings , one at 2 a.m. and one at 4am.
I don't "go" that much standing up.. What do you do about it?
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I have lived with the bag now for 17 years. Sleep is a tricky thing as I used to be a stomach sleeper. I try not to roll over on it, but still do which often reduces the lifetime of the bag by pancaking it causing leaks. I get up many times during the night to re adjust my position as well as bathroom visits to pee, and sometimes a bag full towards morning. Usually the colostomy stays quiet during the night unless I have gas.

Its a major life change living with the bag, lots of interruptions from sleep it cannot be helped. Its not often I get a containment breach but it does happen. Not fun waking up covered in poo, but all one can do is remain calm, be kind to yourself. Start the washing machine, take a shower, change the bag out, put new sheets on the bed and go back to sleep.
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Thanks Bufford. You summed up it all up with your experience.
I am 15 months post op ileostomy. No chance to reconnect. So this is my life. OF course the doctors never mentioned this to me pre surgery. It is not my idea of a better quality of life. I wake up my wife getting out of and in to bed. . It smells. Luckily, have no had leakage problems in a long time. just gotta stay on my left side, and back. it's just the idea, I do not get enough sleep. Maybe I am lucky where I just need two pit stops during the night. but geez, u have to drain the bag because it inflates like balloon, the smell alone overwhelms ya, and you better be sure you hear that snapp if u do burp it.. then clean it. wash your hands. then go to bed? right!!
I understand they offer larger bags and some type of drainage system while sleeping. I think trying to curb your eating habit would help too. they say u have to drink lots of water when colon less. thus the pee trips still wake you. Thanks for sharing man. appreciate it.

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