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Hidradenitis suppurativa

Hi all, TMI rant

I have been having terrible recurrences of this dreaded skin condition since stopping Humira. It occurs on my vagina and is very very painful. Just when I think it is going away, more of the painful lumps form. I am careful to drain them if I can when I shower, and it helps. I used hibiclens to wash and disinfectant the area. Then an antiseptic and pain reliving spray on the area. I may have temporarily conquered it as no new eruptions have surfaced in a week. Do any of you suffer from this? Any other suggestions as to how to maybe prevent them from occurring?
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I'd get these in my groin. Had them drained by the surgeon. Them dressed by the nurse. It took time but it worked.

My only other suggestion is to keep the area shaved. The nurse told me hair agrivates things.

Hope you get some relief. I know how painful it is.
Sending you my support.
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please take a look at the fallowing thread:

I have posted there after I watched a medical nutrition team help a severe case of HS, non-responsive to any medication. A low-glycemic food diet could help you.
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