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Red skin rash on chest and itching


I am wondering if anyone knows what is going on! For the last 2 weeks or so myself and my partner have been itching quite badly with no rash. I went to my GP on Monday to see what it was (hoping it wasn't scabies) to my delight it wasn't, he said it is probably a virus that we both have and gave me some antihystermines (sp?) and advised me to have a blood test.

Anyway the itching had got quite a lot better although still present, but I have come up with a very strange red rash all over my chest, only I have the rash my partner doesn't. I went back to my GP on Thursday and she said just to wait for my blood test and gave me some itch relief cream. I am just so baffled as I have no idea what this could be, the rash is now more concerning to me than anything else. Its not seeming to go away and infact looks like it could be getting worse and possibly spreading. I am going to try to get the pharmacy today and see if they have any idea what it could be. I'm not sure if it could be crohns related? I have stopped all my meds and am now only on 10mg Amytriplyene and codiene as and when I need it. I stopped 6mp about a month - give or take a couple of weeks - ago. I'm not sure if that could have anything to do with it?

Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas?!

Thanks in advance.
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Did your Gi tell you to stop all your meds ??
Have you let your Gi know about the itching and rashes and the fact you stopped your meds ???
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I too have this problem of red skin rashes on chest please can anyone suggest some best remedies for it.

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