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Coping with a flare

After having a bad reaction to an iron infusion before Christmas and then catching flu, I have gone into a flare I can't get out of. I went back on budesonide but not helping. There's talk of remicade but I seem to be stuck in an endless loop of blood tests, doctor referrals (t spot came back borderline so had to be redone) and in the meanwhile I can barely function, weak, tired, light headed, no appetite, living on milkshakes and soup which I have to force down as it makes me feel sick. I only work part time but struggling to manage that.

Any tips or advice very welcome. I'm only on steroids at the moment, stopped 6mp when I had flu but flare started while I was on it so not sure it was helping anyway.
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I donít really have any special tips or advice. Iím currently going through a flare and am trying to manage dealing with that and being a middle school teacher. Itís getting harder each day. Iím close to calling a sub for tomorrow and I never do that. I guess all I can say is put yourself first. Take all the rest you need. Hot baths always make me feel better. Peppermint tea is always a good choice. Remicade could be a good idea. I was on it for a while. Just know youíre not alone in your struggles.

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Thank you, that sounds like good advice. I hope tomorrow goes well for you whether you go in or stay home and rest. Best wishes x
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Your first goal is try to get off the steroids once you find a maintenance treatment. You mentioned Remicade, and I want you to know, Remicade is what put me in remission. It is a very effective treatment and has little to no side effects.

You also mentioned getting frequent blood tests. When you are in a flare, doctors want to frequently check your blood work to check for any changes in things such as white blood cell count, sed rate, etc. When you are in remission, getting blood work is a lot less frequent.

I hope you will be able to find an effective treatment!
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Stay close to your doctor's directions.
Eat carefully the things you can tolerate, sleep as much as you need..
Take care and remember that you'll hopefully get back to remission as it's a cycle

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