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Still no further forward

Since my last update, I sent my complaint letter to the chief executive of the hospital and I'm still awaiting a response. In the meantime, I've still had no treatment and I'm still really struggling.

I had to see my GP today but I am still having massive urgency, but only passing gas, blood and mucus. Whenever I'm sat there, I feel this huge pressure like there's something waiting to come out but there's obviously nothing there. All this has made me really uncomfortable and the pain is getting worse. My doctor was really understanding, but said that because I'm already on the predfoam enemas she didn't really want to introduce another one. I've been asked to try sudocrem but I suppose it's worth a try, we don't always needs prescriptions meds to help us feel better.

I had an accident at home last night, and I've spent most of my working day in the toilet and nearly had another one so I've had to look at buying pads now and make a bag up to take to work just in case there's a problem. I'm so embarrassed even though my workmates are really supportive.

I'm really interested to see what the hospital have to say for themselves!
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The way you are being treated is shameful and you should not have to endure the lack of adequate attention
I am surprised your GP does not do more for you and get after the hospital.
Perhaps you should go to emergency for some help.
Feel better soon
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This sounds utterly miserable. Is it worth asking go for a course of steroids to tide you over? I know they're a nightmare but what you're going through sounds pretty rubbish. My sister had urgency issues like you describe and prednisone settled it down but at the usual cost.

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