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Does travel sickness upset your Crohns?

Hi all,
I have Crohns, I also suffer with travel sickness in cars, buses, etc etc. When this travel sickness gets really bad it is generally followed by a Crohns flare. I end up in lots of pain. I feel like I am the only one with this issue, as I have not heard of anyone else with the same problem, my Doctors just give me a strange look and say 'It may upset the Crohns.'

Is there anyone else out there with this problem!!!
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Hmmm....this is the first I have heard of travel sickness triggering flares.

Does it happen no matter what mode of transportation or how long even if only for a few minutes? How long are we talking for you to be in motion before you notice something wrong?

Do you take caution and try anti-nausea pills during long trips?

What medications are you on? Do you think something you are currently taking is giving you motion sickness symptoms? Nausea is a side effect of certain IBD medications.
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I also started getting this issue at age 38... before that Crohn's with no travel can't sit in car for even a short distance...what's ur update?

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