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Imodium/Loperamide for malabsorption?

Anyone have got any experience with imodium in treating chronic loose stool?
Have inflammation in remission but still problems with loose stools and some fatigue.
Could it help the body absorb more nutrients from the food being consumed?
Also would it be safe to take long term?

Is there any other medications that would help with nutrient absorption, such as pancreatic enzymes?

Aside from controling the inflammation please share any other possible treatments or strategies for improving nutrient status?
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Hi..i was on loperimide for a good while to not much effect. Eventualy i was diagnosed with bile salts malabsorbtion. I have been put on a med call cholestrogel (i think that the spelling). That has helped me be pretty much back to normal stools most of the time. Maybe worth checking if it may help you. If u can google it and see if you may want to ask your GI doc about it. 💕

6yrs since dxd. 4yrs in remission.. in remission since march 2014, dxd july 2012, ileostomy march2014, reversed feb 2015 all's good so far
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I was prescribes Loperamide when first diagnosed 14yrs ago.It works for me by slowing digestion and allows me to leave the house when I need to.My 'script' says to take up to eight per day,but 2 or 3 usually does the trick.I'm afraid taking more would cause me constipation which is equally as bad as loose stools for me.Since having my gall bladder removed 3yrs ago,I have been taking a digestive enzyme to help my digestion cope.It's difficult to know what works without stopping all my supplements and starting to take one at a time.It's all trial and error.
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Have you ever tried out fiber drinks?

I had a stomach flue a couple months ago and got really desperate, decided to try fiber. I add one teaspoon of benefiber and two teaspoons of metamucil. I started out drinking it two times a day, but increased to three. For a while, it completely changed my life. Now, I have some bad days again, but it's really helped.
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