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About and Rules of This Forum


This forum is dedicated to providing insight in the form of interviews, articles, and responses from experts. Those experts may be gastroenterologists, other doctors, researchers, etc.

We are currently not accepting new questions due to the backlog.

If you are an expert who would like to take part in this forum, please contact a site admin.


We have sought top experts in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease to answer questions members of this community have. Our experts are extremely intelligent, specialize in IBD, have undergone tremendous amounts of training, stay abreast of current research, and have significant clinical experience. They will be sharing scientific facts, theories, and opinion based upon all these facets. And they will be volunteering time out of their busy schedules to do so. As such, we will be giving them the respect they deserve and anyone who does not will be banned from the Ask the Experts forum and possibly the community.

Our Experts are human and new data is coming out regarding IBD all the time. As such, if you feel that information an Expert presents is mistaken, you are welcome to present your argument in a respectful manner as long as it is supported by links to quality studies or papers.

Followup questions and requests for clarification are more than welcome. But again, if you're going to disagree with one of our Experts, your argument must be presented in a respectful manner and with supporting resources at which point we will be happy to present your case to the Expert for comment.
It's good to be back
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Great addition!
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I did not see that post prior to realizing that we now had a section that was for experts. I am now wondering (I know nothing in computer programming / multimedia things) if it would be something possible to have a different color for the background or something? I think it could help the members to quickly realize that the post is answered by an expert.
Just a thought like this.
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Psycho you are not the only one who didn't realize. As staff we discussed/are discussing ways to make this clearer. There will likely be some changes soon.
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Added rules to the first post.
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How do I go about asking questions?
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Due to the lack of time the experts have and the amount of questions already posted, you cannot ask any more questions at this time to the experts.

Questions can still be asked to forum members, many of who have extensive knowledge of the disease. To do this click the "new thread" button on which ever forum you think is better suited. You may want to introduce yourself in this forum 1st

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