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High ASCA IGG, everything else normal

Hi there,

I'm a male in my (very) early 30's.

For a while (a few years) I've had chronic diarrhea. It concerned me only because it was annoying, and not because it was causing me any pain. I was eating a lot (above 3000 calories) in an attempt to gain mass for weightlifting, and I was also drinking coffee (several cups) everyday. About six months ago, I started to have a bit more discomfort (still no pain), and I had feelings of incomplete evacuation. I went to a gastro, and he suggested that I might have IBS. He suggested we do blood tests and perhaps a colonoscopy.

I modified my diet and removed coffee entirely. This cleared up the diarrhea, and now my stools are solid. I started feeling better about my condition.

But then... My blood tests came back with one abnormal result: 42.1 for ASCA IGG. Above 30 is considered a positive result on this panel.

Some of my other applicable results, all normal or within healthy range:
ASCA IGA 16.3 (normal when < 20)
Proteinase-3 < 1 (normal)
ANCA screen negative
SED RATE 1 (normal)
White Blood Cell Count normal, 5.8
C Reactive Protein 0.10 (normal when < 0.80)
Lactoferrin was negative, < 30

As far as I know, I have no other signs or symptoms of Crohn's. Is there any way that I could get a result of 42.1 for ASCA IGG and not have Crohn's?

As you can imagine, I'm now quite concerned. I have a colonoscopy scheduled, but I am scared that this blood test is a smoking gun for Crohn's.

Shorter: can you test positive for ASCA IGG and not have Crohn's?

Thank you.
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Hi everyone,

Had my first colonoscopy and endoscopy today--the procedure was fine, and the prep was mostly not a big deal. I had a hard time with not eating for so long and not being able to sleep well. Had quite the headache until they put me under.

Since receiving the blood results I posted above, I have had two issues, and could use someone's help here.

First, I'm having crampy, mild discomfort/pain in the middle of my abdomen. It's not bad pain, but it does remind me that something could be wrong. It's distracting and on a scale from 1 to 10--and depending on the day--I'd rate it 1 or 2.

Second, my colonoscopy showed "congested erythematous mucosa in the terminal ileum". The doctor noted that he found it "non-specific". My endoscopy was fine and so was my colon, besides one small polyp. Waiting for the biopsies.

Any help would be appreciated. Is this how Crohn's starts? Did anyone's symptoms creep up on them like this? Thanks.
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Hi aBitConcerned.

Have you had your c and p ANCA test done? Typically ASCA results don't mean much on their own but combined they can help diagnosis (yet still not affirmative). ASCA + P-ANCA - more likely to develop CD and ASCA - P-ANCA Positive more likely to develop UC.

You should also have a faecal calprotectin test done on your stool.

As for summons they can be mild to severe and typically it does gradually increase.

Middle abdomen pain would suggest small bowel. I would think with the terminal ileum finding you'd also have LRQ discomfort. But hey, this disease impacts everyone differently. Have you had any biopsies done on your bowel?
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The ANCA screen was done at the same time as the ASCA. ANCA was negative.

I also had a lactoferrin stool test and that was negative.

I just got the biopsy results this morning, and all looked normal. Biopsies were taken from my stomach, duodenum, ascending colon, and the terminal ileum--as far as I understand.

My concern is the ASCA IGG positive blood test coupled with the doc seeing "congested erythematous mucosa in the terminal ileum".

Has anyone ever had a result like this? If the biopsies are negative, does that rule out Crohn's? Could this be early Crohn's or remission?

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Hi,I know this is an old Post but I'm currently facing the same issues as you had, except they found lymphoid hyperplasia in my terminal ileum and not congested erythematous mucosa, my asca levels are high but haven't been diagnosed with an ibd I did the same tests along with MRE, but I'm still struggling with symptoms , I'd like to know any updates to your situation hoping to find out you are healthy... Thank you any help would be appreciated

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