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My experiences with IBD-AID

I have had crohns for years and the last year my calprotectin levels have been between 800-1000, I am on imuran but calprotectin have refused to go down.

I tried the IBD-AID diet and followed the phase 1 for 6 weeks http://www.umassmed.edu/nutrition/ib...-for-ibd-diet/

I took a stool sample 2 weeks before trying the diet which showed 925. About what I have had the last year, then after 2 weeks on the diet I took a new one and it was down to 325.

After 6 weeks on the diet it was 15 or less.

I had a colonoscopy and my intestines look almost flawless now.

Just wanted to share incase anyone want to try it.

It seems quite similar to SCD only that you are allowed oats, on a typical day I will eat: Breakfast steel-cut oatmeal porridge with cut up banana.

Lunch lactose free youghurt (store bought) and eggs, dinner salmon & carrots or beef & sweetpotato or cod soup.

Evening snack lightly boiled banana with peanutbutter.

I will also drink about 2 glasses of kefir every day.

I have been able to maintain my weight while on the diet.

Hope someone will try it and get good results too
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Thank you.I'm sure many on the forum will find the interesting and helpful.I hope you continue to do well.
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thanks, diet is soooo important,
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If I'm a little off, I stick to phase one foods to get me back on track. Still figuring out what I can and can not eat. I keep the food lists close at hand. Glad you had great success with it.
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It's winter down here and was super cold today (Sydney, Aus). Cod soup or fish stew in general would be soooooo good right now!
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I wish you continued success.
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