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Camels Milk

Strange question perhaps

But does anyone here drink camels milk?

I cannot drink cows milk with UC. And I detest goats milk and soy milk. I do struggle with plant milks like almond, but will drink them.

Been hearing a lot about camels milk lately. Not yet been able to source it though.

On the website link below, I have read this:

Although scientists around the world have been devoting a lot of time to the health benefits of camelís milk, typical of our academic arrogance in the US serious research is pretty much ignored here. Moreover, cowís milk lobby groups are doing whatever they can to keep the public in the dark about camelís milk and are blocking imports from developing countries that could really use the income.

What we do know about camelís milk is that itís highly nutritious complete food. You could live on camelís milk and thrive. Populations in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia have relied on it for centuries. Camelís milk is lactose-free and has a low-allergy casein molecule so itís a great replacement if you have dairy sensitivities. Itís higher in vitamin C and iron and lower in saturated fat than cowís milk. All in all, the camel milk molecule is much closer to the human milk molecule than that of our American cow.

So what can camelís milk actually do for you?If you have a child with dairy sensitivities (chronic digestive symptoms, skin eruptions, unexplained behavior problems), switching to camelís milk may be worthwhile. If you yourself have chronic digestive symptoms, or youíre struggling with Crohnís disease or ulcerative colitis, try a trial run of dropping cow dairy and using camelís milk for a month. If you feel better, just keep going.

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And this too:


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