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Remicade too late!!


I have been on Remi and Imuran now for 4 years and have been in a deep Remision. I take it once every 8 weeks.
Now due an infection I am on week 10 without an infusion. Luckily the infection is gone, but they can schedule me only on monday which will make it 11 weeks.

I feel so scared that I might flare up (As I feel a dull ache in my belly atm, I just dont know if this is crohns or because I am stressing so much)
Also I am sooo scared that if I get my infusion next week again, the remicade wont work... (antibodies etc)

Any tips? What can I do? Any experience??
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Call your doctor with your concerns. You will probably be ok to hsve the medicine but I don't know for sure.
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I was on Remicade for three years. I had to delay an infusion a couple of times because of an infection. Once I started having some symptoms, but they stopped once I got my infusion. You should really try not to stress so much about things you have no control over. Stress just makes things worse.
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Sending you my support 🙂❤

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