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Any body hear of this??

Has anyone heard of or had an experience such as this:

(I am fast forwarding much of this info for the sake of brevity and to get to the point)
Having had diarrhea for a week, I noticed a very small amount of blood in my stool. I was put into the hospital for what was supposed to the weekend. Seven months later, I was finally released from hospital, absent my large intestine and at a weight of 125 pounds vs 195 when I entered. In a 3-4 week period I had gone from those few spots of blood to passing (with absolutely no exaggeration) to passing pure blood. Within 5 weeks of admission to the hospital I was experiencing Toxic Megacolon and having surgery to just save my ilfe. The entire large intestine was a bloody mass that had to be removed. No area was not bleeding profusely.

i am trying to find out if anybody has experienced or heard of such an experience. In all of my research, I cannot find such a sudden and catastophic episode. I guess I should mention that I was in the infantry in I Corp in Vietnam in 1968. I wasn't going to muddy the waters originally by mentioning that but then I thought there might possibly be another grunt out there with the same problem. I really hope nobody had that happen but .."misery loves company" may apply here.
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Wow, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. It hasn't happened to me, but acute toxic megacolon is a real thing. More common in UC than in Crohn's. It can also occur after some infections such as C.diff.
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Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it

When this all happened to me I was just 25 years old, never had a sick day in my life, in perfect health and physical condition. I had never been treated for UC, Crohn's or any other disease. I had zero health issues.

I can't find any other victim or MD who has ever heard of such a quick onset of going form zero to "we are removing your large intestine" in less than 4-5 week.

Since then I have had many health issues related to autoimmune diseases. The VA does not recognize any of them as service related since they all materialized after their cutoff time of 1 year. I am still just very curious to find out just how rare this is. I will check to see if there is a UC site to look into this. Thanks again.

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