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Bad pain in throat? Canker-like Sores?


I've been having really bad pain in my throat- so bad, I went to see my ENT a few weeks ago, and he told me it was just inflammation- no strep. Also some pain/pressure in my ears, no ear infection though. This has been going on for months. I also have red patches near the back of my mouth, and have these white-ish pimple-y like ulcers around the back of my mouth as well, more keep forming as time goes by. My gums/teeth throb, and where I had (all 4) of my wisdom teeth pulled, it is especially painful, and I get white-ish sores where the teeth used to be. Lately it has felt like someone karate-chopped me in my throat- it's painful to swallow. Anyone experience this? I'm currently undiagnosed but thinking this is a piece of the puzzle. I know if i go back to my ENT he is going to tell me nothing is going on and send me on my way. Anything I can take to make it feel better?
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Looks like you need a new ENT. Clearly something is up and if the ENT is just sending you on your way then he or she is not doing their job. Request to see a new ENT and request to see a gastroenterologist.
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Yes! I have had a sore throat off and on for over a week now, went in to ER because I recently started remicade and didn't want it to get to bad if it was strep, but the strep test was negative, I was told it was just viral, but it hasn't gone away, it's worse in the morning and at night. And my ears feel like they need to pop, but they don't, and hurt from time to time with no infection. Where my toncils should be is white, and my throat has weird bumps, but the size of small peas. I have no idea what it could be!
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I think these ulcers go along with IBD. Best to you.
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Could it be thrush? I had thrush when I was on prednisone(which suppressed my immune system). Went to 2 doctors who just tested for strep, said test was negative but threw antibiotics at me. After taking the antibiotics the white spots/pain got worse. Probably because it killed any normal bacteria in my throat that was competing with the yeast. So after the antibiotics the yeast had free reign to multiple. Finally I went to an urgent care and demanded anti-fungals and told them I thought it was thrush. As soon as I started the anti-fungal it went away.
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I just had oral thrush too, after being on a heavy dose of antibiotics. It cleared up after ten days on Nystatin. My tongue was coated with white stuff, and it was in my cheeks and gums. Quite painful, with a sore throat and difficulty eating.
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Hello, sorry to hear you are going through this. Before my diagnosis and subsequent treatment I had constant large cankers in my mouth. They were very painful and made it difficult to eat. I also had excruciating pain in my neck (sometimes like it was on fire), swelling in face and neck, and could not swallow properly. Hopefully you can see a GI Dr asap.

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