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Mouth Ulcers - SOLVED

Hi all,

I posted about my year long issues with mouth and throat ulcers previously here:


A quick update for anyone in the same boat;

I was referred to an oral medicine specialist who prescribed me Flixonase (nasal steroid), which I mix with 15ml of water and hold in my mouth for five minutes two times per day. He also prescribed Eumovate cream mixed with Orabase for any persistent ulcers, which pretty much obliterates them by the time I wake up in the morning).

After two doses of Ustikenumab I did make an improvement from about 40%/ 50% to around 70% but I was still struggling with a fair bit of pain in my mouth. These oral steroids have got me into the 90% to 95% range now. So good in fact, that my stoma reversal surgery has been planned for January (although there are some tests still pending before I get the go-ahead).

Hope this helps anyone with similar issues to me.

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