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Inflamation of the Sinuses

Ha, so here's a new one. Blood says histomine levels are normal/low. But I have issues breathing, go through a box of tissues a week, etc. DayQuil/NyQuil seem to help. Not 100% but some improvement. Just had another CT Scan done to check on my cyst/polyp/wtf ever THIS radiologist feels like calling it. Anyways, it's in my Maxillary Sinus. Had it for years. Maybe almost a decade... dang, that just made me feel old to type.

Well, it just seems to me like it might be my Crohn's acting up somewhere else. So I asked this new ENT Doc what he thought about that. First apt, first time meeting him at all. "Well, I don't think it's your Crohn's because you don't have any ulcers inside your sinuses."

Really?! lol...
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