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You've convinced me there's a link

If I had to think back, I would say that around 18-19 I really started noticing the symptoms of my Crohn's. It wasn't until I was 29 that I had a doctor actually look into my complaints and give a prognosis.

Right around that same time my sinus went to shit (pun intended). Just breathing out of it was almost impossible. Afrin worked miracles but the prolonged use is frowned upon. Went an saw an ENT and he was all oh yea deviated septum. We can fix that. Well reduce your turbinates while we're at it too. I said ok to everything because I was just happy there was light at the end of the tunnel. Well. Three surgeries later and now I'd say its mostly resolved. Interestingly after my second one I would get very frequent hard staph infections in my sinus. My doctors always to me no way, you may have staph but not hard staph. Then 5-10 minutes later once the test had some results they would tell me I was right. And soon after I'd be scheduled for surgery. Thankful we had an MRI the third time and they were able to identity other skin and tissue to remove. Things by far haven't been great but they have been better.

I do noticed that when I have a BM I get instantly congested and then a runny nose. Didn't really think of any possible correlation but t looks like there may be.

The one thing I'm unsure of is if Crohn's contributed to my hair loss. When I was in Jr High and High school I'd get these crusty circles on my scalp. At first I
Thought it was just from me scratching my head too much. But eventually these things would get pretty big. To the point where it
Was painful to pick them off. Once I did they would usually ooze clear pus
For a while. My hair very shortly later would look like someone poorest cooking oil on my head.

Over a short period of time I realized that head and shoulders almost entirely cured the problem. I guess the Zinc is key somehow. When all this was happening though is when my hair was falling out. I certainly had a high sebum production. But I thought that was also somehow associated with the immune system.

Anyway Crohn's has certainly changed my life and mad many aspects of it unpleasant. I'm just worried about this talk from my GI about getting off Humira and just using lialda .

Crohn's Disease Forum » Extra Intestinal Manifestations » Nose/Sinuses » You've convinced me there's a link
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