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Very sore nose and loss of sense of smell

Hi, the inside of my right nostril feels like the skin has been stripped away and feels red raw its hurts just breathing through my nose!

It has been like this for 3 months now.. and I have lost my sense of smell.
I dont have a cold and dont have any pressure pain on the front of my face.. so dont know if I have a sinus issue or not? I can breathe freely and dont have a blocked nose.

Just curious to know if anybody else had this issue? And if so, how did you get rid of it?
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I have something that sounds similar but not the same.
Mine is more like a sore or a spot which is very painful, and reoccurs in exactly the same place. sometimes it bleeds and it hurts even when I lightly touch my nose. It doesn't seem to go away properly, has hang around for about three months as well. I have had it before though.
I don't really have any suggestions for what to do with it I'm afraid!
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I have lost my smell, and taste. Which ironically happened the same year my Crohn's started, although I can't recall which happened first. I don't feel that my nose is raw though.
Have you seen an ENT? If not, it would be a good idea. They can put a scope right up your nostril and see what is going on.
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wow this happens to me too,
I have sores up my nose that come and go, I also have no sense of smell at all.
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Maybe you could use a q tip to put some Vaseline or something on the inside of your nose. I have done that before when my nose gets really dried out and it helps

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