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Sinus problems, should I tell GI?


I'm having problems with a really inflamed nose and sinuses, and also inflamed and tingly gums. I've seen my GP, cos it didn't seem obviously CD related (he gave my antihistamines and antibiotics) and said it's probably allergies.

The strange thing, however, is that I have been having awful stomach cramps and rectal pain with on/off bleeding, frequent BMs (no diarrhea) and constant feeling of needing to go to the toilet.

I'm seeing my GI on Monday, and I'm wondering if the two seemingly unconnected symptom sets are connected? I will tell him, but I was just wondering if nose and sinus inflammation is linked to CD - strangely, when I had my first appointment (3 years ago) he checked my sinuses and asked about sinus problems.

Any advice appreciated, or anyone else have a similar experience? x

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I had posted early on me having flares during allergy season, others responded that they noticed that allergies may make CD symptoms worse. It is possible that you do have allergies and they are making CD worse. I would defaintly bring it up with him at worse you get second opinion and maybe confirmation it's just allergies.
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I have had sinus issues since i initially flared over 3years ago, but have been told constantly by my GI it isnt ibd related, but i have what i can only describe as a constant cold since i flared and my nostrils do feel inflammed and gums hurt. I was told by my GP he thinks when my ibd triggered this also triggered an allergy and the ibd isnt directly responsible. I cant say i believe this and i trully believe the ibd is responsible for it and they just wont even consider it possible
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What did your GI say about your symptoms?
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Whenever I have sinus problems GI problems are right around the corner for me. Ever since I was diagnosed I've had chronic sinusitis. I always flare during the spring allergy season. I've talked to 2 GI's and they deny a correlation...which to me is idiotic. My GP did tell me he thought there could definitely be a connection though. I take singulair to help prevent allergy attacks/sinus infections.
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Also deny.... no Crohn's, no link (I swear they think I make it all up)!

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