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Hi All,
This is getting very wacky because quite recently I have had antibiotics for acute Sinusitis and one side of my nose is permanently swollen, also I seem more sensitive to perfumes and chemicals.
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I am sorry you are going through this. I wish you the best.

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Hi, Curlywurly, are you on remicade by any chance I am on this and there is a side effect of more upper respiratory infections. I had loads last year basically went 6 months without totally getting rid of it. I have had a good year so far this year with the sinuses, they are not playing up but they have cut my infusion rate from 6 weekly to 8 weekly so I think that has made the difference. Hope you recover from this infection soon.
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Hi Bobbet
I am at present not on any meds for the Crohn's just BP Asthma & Acid reflux. I have had Sibo just before xmas I was on Rifixmin for two weeks
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Hi Ronroush7
Thank you for your kind thoughts & all the best to you.

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