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Adding Stawberries to Diet Found to Decrease Gut Inflammation

Using a mouse model for IBD:

From the article:
"The researchers found that dietary consumption of whole strawberries at a dose equivalent to as low as three-quarters of a cup of strawberries per day in humans significantly suppressed symptoms like body weight loss and bloody diarrhea in mice with IBD. Strawberry treatments also diminished inflammatory responses in the mice’s colonic tissue.

But decreased inflammation wasn’t the strawberry’s only conferred benefit during this study. Colonic inflammation adversely impacts the composition of microbiota in the gut. With IBD, the abundance of harmful bacteria increases, while levels of beneficial bacteria decrease in the colon. Following the dietary treatments of whole strawberries, the researchers observed a reversal of that unhealthy microbiota composition in the IBD mice. Xiao’s team also obtained experimental data that indicated strawberries might impact abnormal metabolic pathways in the IBD mice, which in turn could lead to the decreased colonic inflammation they observed."
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Strawberries also can capture around 95% of dietary mercury.

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What is this in grams?
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THanks. I'll make an effort to eat more strawberries. What's interesting is that they are easily found, even organic, all year long frozen at the grocery store.
BTW, conventional agriculture strawberry is one of the fruits that would contain some of the highest amount of pesticides residues inside. I learned as well that strawberries grow very close to the ground as opposed to other berries and because of that they would need more pesticides.
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but that benefit can only be from organic strawberries.
Actually strawberries are at the top of the EWG's Dirty Dozen list for 2019
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Add them slowly...for some, like myself, too many may cause diarrhea.
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I love strawberrys but am having trouble with anything with seeds, so I avoid them. Perhaps strawberry jelly would be a substitute, or would the processing reduce its effectiveness?

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