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“Sorriso Pharmaceuticals is creating the first orally-delivered anti-inflammatory drug for patients with IBD”

The lead program (SOR102) is in line to take on IBD directly and potently, simultaneously inhibiting TNFa and IL-23, two clinically validated IBD drivers. This novel approach combines the strong clinical impact of injectable antibody therapeutics with the benefits of oral administration, resulting in targeted activity, negligible systemic exposure, and minimal immunogenicity.
San Diego
Sounds great. I hope it works. But it is all very vague and theoretical now. None of the news stories about the company's successful funding round tell us even one word about what this wonder drug, SOR102, actually is. What substance is it that can be delivered orally and can specifically inhibit cytokines as disparate as TNF and IL23?

This will turn out to be either vaporware (doesn't actually exist), or an ambitious flop, or a fabulous wonder drug. Right now we can't tell which.
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