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028 elemental via peg tube

hi there pretty new to this forum .please excuse me as not too good with new stuff .i recently started 028 elemental (july )been doing well pain gone but stil couple loose bm a day .been to see consultant yest he said try introduce small amounts of food i e soup .i did that earlia an just over half hr was back in the bathroom .still doing the 028 as advised .thanks in advance for any advice from any one who as been on this :ysmile:
Hi, I was on enteral feeding from november last year and went onto elemental 028 extra about march time. At that point I was on this exclusively for 3.5 months.

It was then that I started introducing foods starting with low residue foods in very small amounts. My weight gain has been minimal (thought due to malabsorption) but I lost no further weight.
I got my tube out 4 weeks ago but my weight has dropped lot since so I have had my Humira dose doubled last week.The amount of time you are exclusively on 028 varies hugely but I think 5-8 weeks is considered the norm.

I hope your food reintroduction goes well. Are you on any other meds for your crohns and where is it located. Exclusive enteral nutrition can help induce remission in small bowel crohn's but helps overall with nutrition in most people with crohns if they can absorb it.
thank you littlemissh for your reply .i had a small bowel resection 2 years ago .since seeing the consultant thursday i did try a little soup an also a bit of chicken .wow after half hr was back to the runs ,blood an pain .not tried anything since yesterday as just hate the pain so much .in past i tried inflixab but had severe reaction after one lot .i was also on humira but not much help to be honest .ive had the steroids also .apart from oramorth an other pain killers such as kapake ime not on any crohns meds .i do also have thyroid problems so taking thyroxine 200mg a day at min .i guess ill have to keep going on this 028 elem threw peg tube .i have not as yet gained any weight .it just takes so long to get these feeds threw the pump .i was told to increase rate ,which i did but then again the runs got worse .after speaking to my nutrica nurse she said i shouldnt have been told to hire it that much .i spoke back to the dietican an she said she didnt know too much about crohns an o28 which is a little confusing lol .thanks again and hope you keeping ok x.