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12 weeks from starting Humira and still got symptoms


First post from me. I’ve been on Humira for 12 weeks now and although I felt I was doing well around the 4 - 8 week mark, I’m now still clearly flaring.

My GI nurse says they may need to up the dosage from every two weeks to weekly. I wondered how common this is and how likely it is to solve it.

Also wondering if it’s possible and safe to take Entocort while on Humira. I normally respond pretty well to that and wonder if I just need a jumpstart.

When you started, did they give you a "loading dose"? I want to say I was given three or four shots in the beginning, then one weekly, then one every other week. It took about two or three months before I really started to see a difference and feel better.

I'd give it a little more time, then if things don't seem to be improving, reach back to your GI and get their advice. Humira works well for some people, but others don't respond as well to it. I'd hold off on the Entocort until you talk to your doctor.
I’ve now been on it for fourteen weeks and no improvement from the earlier weeks (When I was in the loading doses). I’m waiting for the results of a blood test to see what my Humira levels are. They’ll decide whether my dose is increased or it just isn’t working for me.

iI’ll report back.