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13th day of modulen meals :(

I'm 16 years old with crohns. I started the modulen diet 13 days ago. I couldn't stand the taste of it so I have a NGT but I'm trying to also get used to the taste of the slush so I can take the tube out by the third week, as its starting to get (even more) irritating.

For me, the most annoying part of having to have this diet is that I wasn't really in much pain related to crohns so I don't feel that different. The only thing I'm looking forward to is getting taller :D I'm going to be on this diet for 6 weeks but apparently theres 12 days where I need to get used to normal food again? Does that mean that I will still have to drink the slush for those 12 days as well?

Obviously, I do miss eating things and I've only just noticed how much food is show on adverts and programmes on TV and on the internet. (The tissue box in front of me looks a bit like an oreo)

The only diversity in flavouring I have so far is chocolate and strawberry, being a fussy eater will never pay off.

Oh, and I heard there's a teens forum but I can't seem to find it, can anyone tell me how to find it?


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Hi there,

I see you are short of responses. I will personally apologise for that as I haven't been on recently. Would you believe that I have been ill with.... yes, Crohn's.

It is essential to try and follow through with the diet as directed as you could be low on the nutrients that you need. I expect the doctor did bloods and knows that you are lacking the proper nutrients. Although you were not in much pain, you still need all the nutrients to develop to your natural potential. also, your stomach may have shrunk with the tube there to deliver small amounts. Because of this, you will want to introduce food slowly that the stomach and intestines can handle the amount to are putting in there.

Tubes are a real distraction, but hopefully you can get off of it soon. As for the teen area, I think it might be in members only forum. I'm not too sure as I'm progressing in years ;)