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17 year old guy, in pain, feeling alone and just diagnosed. Whats that like?

I am not a 25 year old medical student in Virginia. I just got discharged after spending over 3 weeks in the hospital following perforated bowel and peritonitis. I started looking for blog written by a young guy and there weren't any so I felt compelled to tell my story to try and help parents/teenagers.

Check out my blog at

I hope you can find something in there that is helpful for you. I know I wish I had more information as a teenager b/c no one in my family had ever had GI issues and felt so alone its difficult to describe.

Cheers to our health!
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Livin the dream (with Crohns)

Hello all my name is Patrick 25 year old medical student in VA. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2007 with active disease starting in 2002. I was too embarrassed as a 13 yr old kid to tell my parents about my symptoms. Anyways I was discharged from hospital on 1/4/15 after about 3 weeks. During recovery I tried to look online to find if there were any blogs written by young men with crohns.....it was as quiet as a Church out there so I started a blog.

check it out....

I will be updating rapidly these days as I am recovering and mostly just hanging out
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Hello apl2018
Welcome to the forum
Sorry to hear you have been fighting at the crohns war front and hope you are beginning to feel a little better after your hospital sojourn
There are a few younger people on the forum and hopefully they will see your post and come in to add their comments
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
Hey thanks so much I never thought peoplewould be so open and kind. My blog has elements for everyone I'd like to think. I'll be reviewing important clinical trials and explainungg research in the "journal club" page I hope folks can learn some things (I was a researcher for 4 yrs before med school so I'm very biased :)
Wishing you good health