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1st GI follow up

Hey all,

Thought I'd put a quick update on after my first follow up today. The consultant I saw, although he was surgical did at least try to answer my questions, not too happy with a couple of things he said but on thw whole am feeling better about my situation.

He's ruled out UC after my colonoscopy came back normal. (Although I told him about the procedure AND result, not vice vera!) So this is good news, he still suspects CD of the small intestine however and has referred me to a doctor. ( I found out I was put under him due to the pain I was in on my hospital admission, now that I haven't had a cripplng bout of pain in 2months he's putiing me under doctor care which I'm happy with)
He's also ordered a barium x-ray to view the small intestine so as silly as it may sound I'm praying that this shows something up! He also told me that he ordered this test whilst I was in hospital but the hospital gave me the wrong test! They gave me a 'water sol contrast meal' which I believe looks for complete obstruction of the small bowel and is not used for imaging?!
So now just have to wait for the date of the test and go from there.

The two things that bothered me were that when I asked about a capsule endoscopy he told me that this is no good as it is only used when patients are blleding! When I told him I was having some blood 2 months ago he said "but you're not now so we don't need to do it"! Does anybody know this to be true or was he having a little Pinochio episode?!

The other thing was when I told him about undigested food in my stool (which is happening now) he simply said "the body can't break down big parts of food, you're probably not chewing enough". I assured him that since this began I chew my food even more so, until it is pretty much mush, but he just argued it probably still wasn't enough! We batted to and fro and I could see he wasn't going to change his mind so left that one there until I get more info! Any thoughts anyone could offer would be appreciated!

Just one last thing, I wanna say a big thank you to everyone in this community again as without the people on here I would've gone into today's appointment virtually 'blind'! Its due to being on here these past couple of weeks that gave me the knowledge and confidence to go in there, speak to them on a level and stand up for myself! I really couldn't have done it without you, big thanks and love!!!


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Hi Craig, my you have to fight tooth and nail huh? I am glad you are standing your point because many times I have undigested food and I chew and watch what I eat and take digestive enzymes for risky foods. I can't believe he said you arent chewing enough...bone head. We all differ and at times of flaring or active crohns it can go right through you especially if you have Diahreah.

I can't answer your question about the capsule endoscopy, in my 20 years of dx I have never had one, nor do I want to. It can be very risky if you have narrowed intestines... I prefer colonoscopies.

Love your line having a pinnochio episode :ylol: Alot of doctors dont know squat about nutrition and some foods dont digest well. Sometimes you have to do the trial and error thing. By the time you are on the forum a few years you can almost be a doctor :lol: but only for Crohns :ylol:


Hi Craig - Hopefully the barium test of the small intestine will show something, so that you don't need to the pill cam, which is invasive and like Pen said, can get stuck if you have any narrowing.

Good luck with the test! -Amy
Yeah I've read stories of peoples experiences with the camera getting stuck, it certainly doesn't sound pleasant, I just wondered if the surgeon was being a bit light on the truth when he said what he said! I'm just gonna wait on the next text now and go from there, one bit at a time.

I thought things were starting to get better as I haven't been woken up by the pain for 3 mornings now, and this morning I had no pain which was heavenly! 10 minutes later it came on again and I've gone from 3 months of D to not being able to go and instead throwing up!

I think i posted this in the wrong section so thank you more so for your comments!