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1st Remi treatment tomorrow!!!

WOOOOOOOT!! Finally having my first remi treatment tomorrow. I was told it could take up to 4 hours!! Does anyone have any advice/suggestions for my first treatment? Can I eat there? Pee there? Can I bring a movie/laptop? Any info regarding this experience is appreciated. I am VERY excited, but of course, nervous too :) Thanks
:thumleft: Sorry I've got no advice, but there is a Remicade club-maybe check that out. I start mine on March 12th so please share details-best wishes and better health to you!


hi Kacey,
I'm not sure what setting remicade is giving in other places but where I am I can pretty much do what I like including eating/sleeping/etc while getting remicade as long as I don't try and leave!!!
At the hospital I go to here in New zealand it usually takes 3 hours (2hr infusion, 1hr wait)plus any prep time if they are busy. They have recently brought in a new protocol for new remicade patients at my hospital though, the infusion is slower but I can't remember the details?
My advice would be, keep hydrated and definatly take something to do!Movies or laptop sounds like good idea!
I hope all goes well!
keep us posted


I haven't had Remicade, but I was supposed to get it (I went and blew a hole in my sigmoid colon instead!). But my nurse told me that you can eat, drink, play computer games, read a book, whatever you'd like. Anything to pass the time!

Good luck, hope it goes well for you!

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I had remicade, treatments and other crohnies from the states all say you can take your laptops, books....Mine had DVD there was 3 people at time on it. You can wheel to the bathroom, and we had niice reclining chairs. I was a bit nervous so I took a gravol (antinauseant) but some used Benylin? IV's are the long if you dont have good veins, mine took 2.5 hours. Good luck and most of all relax!

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Yay Kacey! That's awesome!!
You can do pretty much anything. It is a pain to wheel that IV pole to the bathroom, but you are allowed to. I usually just text people and listen to my ipod. I did get scolded for having my arm bent too much once, so I tend to text one handed now.
Are you taking premeds? If it's Benadryl, it can make you very sleepy. I take non-drowsy Claritin now, but still like to try and take a little snooze if I can.
My hospital has warm blankies, so that's nice. You might want a sweater, the infusion rooms are usually cold.
Good luck tomorrow! Post on the 'Remicade Club' thread how you did, then you can update there every time