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2 months on prednisone and no weight gain side effects?

I've been 2 months on prednisone starting at 40mg and now I'm down to 25mg but I haven't gained weight, in fact I've maintained and I'm consuming 2,500-3,000 calories daily from nutritional shakes. Is prednisone different for others? People often say they gain a lot of weight from the prednisone side effects so I'm confused. Other than acne on my chest and headaches I don't really have much side effects.

my little penguin

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You only gain weight if you eat more
When ds was on formula only and pred no weight gain
When he was in formula and food then weight gain since he ate more
You can not gain weight but still have "moonface " or puffy round face from water being retained
But that was after 3-5 months I think

Glad it's going well
I was on Prednisone last year because of a flare up for about 2 months and was able to pretty much maintain my weight. I think it's because I was on the strict supplemental drink (Boost plus) diet, so I didn't eat any solid foods.