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2 years of healthy life!

I got my persistent annoying diarrhea about 10 years ago. After a few years it turned into fever + diarrhea + terrible stomach ache.

I was never fully diagnosed with crohns in the 3 colonoscopys that I had. Each time my flareup had gone away after waiting for a months or two. Crohns was still the only disease the doctors were guessing. The main reason for the guess were my calpro (many times over 1000) and constant diarrhea with fever multiple times each year.

During the testing I did what many of you have done. Go through different diets, try to find what I can eat and of course research the shit out of this issue.

I never found my perfect diet, but due to the resemblence with johnes disease, I deviced my last experiment so far.

I had a hypothesis that my issues is caused by bad gut microbies. To "fix" this, I decided to eat a lot of good bacteria. I started to drink kombucha, eat sauerkraut, add a lot of fibers to my diet and see what happens.

In a few months I felt a lot better. For the past 2 years I have drank a pint of kombucha each day. I'm growing it myself too. My last fever+diarrhea is about 26 months ago and I can go for weeks without thinking about my stomach.

Now I do not know if my last experiment did wonders to my colon and I do not even know if I had crohns diseases to begin with. I'm planning to take a break from my bacteria filled diet in the autumn to see if I start to get more symptoms.

I just wanted to share my experiment to hear if others have seen this happen and to give one more thing to try to some of you. 2 months of 1 pint of kombucha a day might help you.
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I've tried it before. I'm very happy to read this has been life changing for you. I personally had some issues with the kombucha. Made it myself as well and you have to use A LOT of sugar in order for it to grow and turn it into kombucha (forgot the name of that 'thing' :)) I believe the sugar was still very high even after 3 weeks, when I started drinking it. That's probably why it gave me some noticeable issues.

I am wondering what you do? What sugar you use? How long you let the fermentation process going?

I try to make the sugar content of the end result to about 5g per 100ml. This would be about half of that in soft drinks or juices.

A few grams will go into fermenting, so I measure about 6-9g of sugar per 100ml of tea, but I'm not too exact with it anymore and I find the small variation in the end result nice.

I ferment for just for one week and after that I bottle the drink and let it still ferment for 72 hours with the bottle cap on. This will give the drink some bubbles.