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2017 MAP Research Conference

For those interested in MAP's role in Crohn's, there will be a large MAP Conference for researchers and doctors taking place in Philadelphia on March 24-25th. Full details are here:


While this is just for docs, presentations and interviews will be recorded and made freely available on HPF as soon as we can get them up. Presenters include:

Dr. Michael Collins, Dr. Vivek Kapur, Dr. Marcel Behr, Dr. Jerry Mazurek, Dr. Adrienne McNees, Dr. Shoor Vir Singh, John Aitken, Dr. Horacio Bach, Dr. Tim Bull, Dr. William Chamberlin, Dr. Todd Kuenstner, Dr. Nicole Parrish, Dr. Harry Oken, Ellen Pierce, Dr. David Graham, Dr. Irene Grant, Dr. Thomas Borody, Dr. Ira Shafran, RedHill Biopharma, Dr. Robert Greenstein, Dr. Bill Davis, Dr. Leonardo Sechi, Dr. Gilles Monif, Dr. Peilin Zhang.

Basically if you want to know more about MAP, this is the group to hang with! Haha.
Really excited to see what they have to say/show. I hope they've got more findings linking MAP to Crohn's and also maybe some insights into the Vaccine trials. I want to send my bloods to NZ and be tested for MAP and part of me is hoping that i test positive for it. I will wait to see the happenings here first though.
I've browsed online but there's been no real post about this yet. There is info on HumanPara twitter page but they're short snippets and not fully informative. Anyone have any links?

Interesting to see that they think 90% of US cattle are now infected by MAP