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25% modulin and diet to maintain remission

Love this. https://mymodulife.com/experts/

80% of patients had success at inducing and maintaining remission with 25% modulin and diet. You even get 2 x free days per week.

This is far more effective than any medicine biologics have far less success and far higher side effects.

I have gone ten years good remission 25% elemental 028 and diet.

When remission is gained with biologics or steroids, is maintenance really needed with such toxic drugs.

Makes me question why are so many on biologics, and why are so many immune suppressed.

The immune system is the bodies soldiers against infections and maligancies, the immune system is key to living a long healthy life, suppressing is with toxic drugs is welcoming more health issues not just crohns and some more serious.

So why are such toxic drugs used when there is a simple non toxic drink that can be used daily in so many people that have never even tried it.
Part of the problem why it's not used more in my opinion.

Well in usa anyway, its classed as food not medicine so not covered by insurance.

I feel there should be protests in usa over the poor health care, its a business system not a care system.

I'm in the uk, and looking in on usa, usa looks a worrying place to live with crohns.

People are not all treated fair it all comes down to level of insurance e.t.c, for the most wealthy county in the world to have such a discriminatory health care service is very poor and needs far more attention than I have witnessed other protests on in the news in my opinion.

Europe we all pay the same amount and we are all treated fair, no insurance saying you can't have that treatment due to cost, we even have free access to ibd nurses 5 days a week, medication or surgey can be negotiated with a Dr not with a business insurance company.
Service can be slow, but they know when your bad and things speed up very fast, all with no stress or worry if insurance covers it.
Its interesting why people think health care is a right. Its a product, like a car. Do you think you deserve a free car, phone, tv, etc? Someone becomes a DR like any other profession to sell their service. But for some reason, people like you, think they should give you that service for free. I personally think people in your country should protest over having to pay for their neighbors health care.

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Actually formula such a peptamen or peptamen jr (similar to modulen ) is classified as a “medical food “ as such it requires the direction of a physician.
Formula for medical reasons such as crohns is covered by insurance in the US .
For the cded diet which my kiddo did
And for simple een which my kiddo did and as supplemental nutrition as required for crohns
Which my child did as well
All of which was covered by my insurance for the past ten years .
Health is far more than a car or a house, not everyone can afford health care, not everyone has the intelligence to be able to have a highly skilled high paid job.

It is an honour to be able to look after a neighbours health at least we can say we were not selfish we shared we were not greedy and we treated all humans as human and made sure they could get medicine and see a doctor without worry.

Very happy to live in England where everyone is treated equal pays equal, and I don't have to see any fellow neighbours suffering because they can't get medicine.
Western buddy, it would be nice if everyone in the world could stop name calling and placing what they want as a society on everyone else. You think that health care is more than any other product and service, some don't. Why are you right and others wrong? Because you feel your right. I can tell you that someone needing a care to get to their job probably at some point feels a car should be a right. Its all perspective. And I can tell you that the UK system is not all its cracked up to be, and its collapsing because with the cost of health care rising worldwide "so called free systems" are starting to collapse. It won't be long before you are buying a private insurance policy to supplement your government policy.

Yes all this may happen, but that is speculation the health service here has been going decades. At the moment we get to enjoy a great service, not the fastest but we are all treated equal, and if I see someone sick in the street I know they are going to get the help they need no worry about insurance.
Very interesting thread! I am working with my GI to try to get on a EEN regimen, will keep you all posted. They do it in courses of 4-6 weeks, then discontinue it. If symptoms reappear a new course is administered.

Lukesjr, I have to agree with westernbuddy. The best health care system per definition must be the one which helps the most people at the lowest possible cost / highest resource efficiency. In that perspective the US is not doing too great.
The efficiency of a country's health care system can be assessed using a disability-adjusted life year measure (DALY). DALYs for a disease or health condition are the sum of the years of life lost to due to premature mortality and the years lived with a disability.
For the US this number is 24,300 with a Comparable Country Average of 18,500 (better).
Not exactly as bad as Africa, but not good either. It is worth noting that in countries that score better (Sweden, France, Switzerland, Japan) the state pays some or all costs of health care.
Source: https://www.healthsystemtracker.org...ife-year-daly-rate-per-100000-population-2017
Another point about enn my own feeling, it proves we do not have to target the complex immune system for treatment.

Enn is highly effective, ok it won't work or be effective in everybody, but as it is highly effective In some makes me wonder what damage we're doing by suppressing the precious immune system, I'd it's clear crohns does not even need to be targeted in the immune system.
Well, I think a part of the reason we don't do things like 25% elemental plus CDED is because there just isn't a whole lot of research on it...but of course, there isn't a whole lot of research on diet because it doesn't make money the way a drug does. So. It's a bit of a catch 22.

Although I just did a pretty successful round of EEN, one has to remember that the sugar in elemental beverages is very hard on the liver, so we can't pretend that is has 0 side-effects. I wish there were a perfect answer for this disease, but I think the heavy toxicity of "food" products as well as other environmental toxins play a big role.
Yes there isn't thousands per injection of profit in it like chemical derived drugs.

I do question the sugar content especially with diabetics risk these days,.would be nice to know the risk, would guess its very low.

Im taking it Daily since 2010 and will continue, feels like red bull and I can actually obtain vitamins and minerals I can't get from food.

Also if we look at culture and engineering.

Japanese spend years making sure something is safe reliable and right before it's sold.

Drive a land rover across the dessert or drive a Toyota the Toyota won't break, you will find the land rover being towed by the Toyota after it breaks.

Take a Toyota to bits then take a car from the west to bits you will see the enginering difference clearly.

Take an oki printer to bits then take a printer from the west to bits.

Of same age era.

You will see the engineering difference clearly.

So when we see the engineering and culture and thinking differences, we can see why they like a liquid diet vs chemical biological derived medicine, with lots of unknown about exactly what it's doing in crohns.

Japan elemental nutrition is number 1 for crohn's.

If Japan made a highly effective crohns medication it would probably be very safe reliable and affordable to all.

They tend not to put technology in products until its proven it won't fail, even if this means being behind other brands by several years.

I appreciate however we are humans with urgent need for disease treatment and maintenance and we have to use what's available now.
Papers out there indicating that as soon as food is introduced then the inflammation comes back. EEN works great but post-EEN could be not so great. I totally agree with you that this mess has a lot to do with diet, obviously.

Why are we hell bent on using meds? Not sure, I think it's cultural. In US, you take meds for everything. Visit a pharmacy they have shelves and shelves of meds and the pharmacists are working around the clock. You take meds so you can maintain the same lifestyle and diet. Changing the lifestyle and diet to avoid meds is a tough concept. I know too many people who take meds for blood pressure, cholesterol and they eat the same crap.

You have taken care of your body so well to a point where you didn't meds for over a decade and that's super amazing. That also takes guts too. I have not met one doc who would say "hey, try to self treat and let me know if you need my help prescribing something." They would prescribe and probably arrest you if you don't take it. lol

Seriously tho, I appreciate your thought on this subject. I often wonder why each country's approach is different. All I can say if what one of our GIs told me, "US is a medicine-centric country"
They are not sticking to partial enn this is why inflammation comes back.

As you can see above and as you can see in other studies partial entral nutrition is effective.

Eg 50% enn and 50% food. That's how remission is maintained with no meds. Other than entral nutrition, you can't stop entral nutrition fully.

Japan UK Euurope, gi will support this technique if wanted.