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25+ years with crohns and still learning

Hi folks, I'm Doug, 51 years old from Maine, but I am originally from Boston. I am new to this forum, but not new to Crohns. I was diagnosed in 1985, after a couple of years being told it was all in my head. Even though being told it was Crohns, I remember feeling a huge sence of relief knowing that what I was feeling and going through not only had a name, but it wasn't all in my head.
Over the years, I have been bounced around from med to med, trying this treatment or that, with not much success. I have had quite a few surgeries, and flatlined a couple of times during various operations.
All that being said, the one thing that I have learned about this disease is that you never know everything about this disease. Every time I thing I know all there is to know, I learn something new.
The end result of the surgeries I have had, have resulted in my living with an ileosstomy, which is non reversible, but that hasn't rid me of Crohns. I still have flare ups from time to time.
The only med that seems to keep the wolves at bay is prednisone, which I am on a maintenance dose, which kind of scares both doctor and patiant . I am also on blood pressure meds ad 2 different pain meds, both long term.
This forum seems to be filled with some ice people and look forward to getting to know and learn from and help, if I can, whenever possible, as long a you don't hold spelling and grammer against me....lol
Hi Doug! Sorry to hear that you have been suffering for that long. I was diagnosed when I was 19 and am now 46 but my crohns didn't cause issues until I was 45. I had to have a resection and a temporary ileostomy. Welcome to the forum and feel free to browse and post any questions you may have., There are a lot of smart folks on here.