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26 year Veteran Crohn's Disease

Hello. I'm a vet of CD. Diagnosed in 1994. Maybe before some on here were born. A time when pre existing health insurance wasn't available or cost was enormous; a time of minimal medication options; a time when CD was a closet problem; a time when there was no TV commercials about Crohn's. Times have changed. I am here to help with only personal knowledge and experiences of living a life with CD. I was about 20 years old when first experiencing problems. I will be 50years old this year. Hope I can help. Thanks. Walk by faith Not by Fear.

Cross-stitch gal

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Welcome! Boy, time does go fast. Believe it or not, I was diagnosed 2 years later when I was 18. Although, I was told by my parents that I'd had symptoms pretty much all my life. Yup, things have changed a lot through the years and most of it is in a good way. Have a good day!!!!
Hi! I was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of 25. I had surgery (1 ft of small intestine and 6 in of large at the cecum) at the age of 26 and was in remission up until last year! Having a really tough time with it now. 😔
I was diagnosed with Colitis [then Spastic Colon] in 1981 and basically, after a course of steroid enemas, left to it. Some small flares over the years but nothing that ever even kept me off work. The last was in 2013, which resulted in 2 weeks ill in bed at home, 2 weeks in isolation at hospital, a loss of over 28lbs in weight over four weeks and a prognosis of Crohn's Colitis.