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2nd Half Marathon

Well, maybe it's 2.5. I did one last month, but due to flooding, the course was shortened to 9.5 miles - so I guess it does not count.

Anyway, this morning I did my 2nd half marathon, and it went very well. Number one, no ostomy problems. As usual, while running I've never had an issue. The race started at 8:30am, which is good, becuase I don't have any output until 9:30 or so.

My first half marathon was last December after 4 months of training and I ran a 2:04. Today, after another 5 months of training, I ran a 1:53. The reason I write this is to show that you cannot only live with an ostomy, but thrive. The improvment I've shown was only possible because I've been able to train without any sign of Crohns to slow me down.

Before my ostomy, the last time I ran was back in 2003. I had to stop for 7 years due to Crohns. Constant anemia and diarrhea are not great for training!

It feels so good to be able to train again. I suppose I owe this to my Proctocolectomy - (ok I do).

So hopefully this is being read by some guy or gal who is researching getting an ostomy. You may not be into running, but an ostomy may just get you back to something you had to give up due to crohn's.
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Thanks for posting this Joe. Such wonderful news and such an inspiration to boot! Well done! :applause::applause::applause:

:mademyday: :):):)

Dusty. xxx
Thanks so much for your post, CDDad. And congratulations on another good race!

I am heading for my ileostomy on the 19th, and between you and the other folks on the Stoma subforum, I am excited and looking forward to the surgery and my new life. Thanks to all of you, I know that I will breathe and begin a new and different life come Thursday.

Without all of you (Welsh-bird, Amy, Vicky, Nyx, and everyone else I'm forgetting!) and your own stories of strength, wisdom and good humour, I would have never been able to make this decision and been in a place where I can't wait to be rid of my colon fast enough.

Cheers to all of you,

That is awesome to hear, I am having one of those days where I wonder if I'll ever have my energy level back, so now I am inspired!!

Congratulations, and thanks!
What an inspiration Joe, I am about to put on my runners and hit the road. I should be able to do 100 meters without oxygen!!
Good to hear that life continues and can get better despite the c**p we endure!

Keep up the good work x
Andrea - it definately required a leap of faith for me to take that first jog. It was after about 4 months and I had so much self doubt. I'm sure glad I did it.

Poolside -I remember having no energy for months after surgery. Then one day, things just start looking better. You'll get there soon!

Kismet - good luck!! Having a positive attitude is going to help. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey.

Dusty - thanks!
Way to go CD. That is a great accomplishment. I am a runner too, and while I don't have an ostomy, I am very familiar with the challenges of running with Crohn's! I think it's great that you have faced this challenge head on and have accomplished so much. It has been 5 years since my last half-marathon. Since then I was slowed down by multiple fistula surgeries, but I try to stay in the swing of things as much as I can. I have done several events since the last surgery, but haven't quite made it back up to half-marathon status. I will surely take inspiration from you example! Thanks so much. Keep up the great work!
That's awesome! Well done!

How long was it after you got your ostomy that you got back into running? I'm pretty gutted that surgery is really going to knock me back a long way in regards to my running.


Woo hoo Joe!!!! That's awesome!

I can't run ten feet so I am always amazed at anyone that has the endurance to do long distance running!

Keep feeling good, my ostomy brother!

xo - Ames