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3 Big Meals vs. 6 Small Meals

I've been listening to my body lately and it keeps telling me that I can't eat big meals. I tested out this theory last night by accident and had a terrible night and morning. Basically, I ate too much for dinner. Over the weeks, I've been eating about 5-6 small meals a day, spaced about 2 hours apart and I have more energy and feel better than ever. When I get on a schedule of eating those three regular meals (like everyone else) I feel really terrible, have more symptoms and zero energy.

Anyone else see this happening with themselves?

My typical small meal is tuna or chicken / rice or quinoa or barley / a cooked veggie, the whole thing fits into a small bowl.
yea colin, i have 5 or 6 smaller meals a day and eat small portions at a time it's better on the stomach because the food has time to digest properly. i also eat activa - bio-best yogurts probotic ones. they work well on the stomach for me anyway.but, i stay away from anything that says whole wheat, oat, corn, dairy products they are harder to digest. best wishes on your diet quest.

Me too. If I eat a big meal, I just bloat and get pain. I'm on 16 tablets a day , and space them out during the day, taking with food so that helps with that too!
I have been doing 4 meals/ 3 snacks. and it' helps my heart burn a bit. or i'm less upset if i can't eat something because i know there is another meal soon. my meals are about 200 calories snacks are about 100.
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YEah certainly. I've been eating small scattered means for years. Not only do I cater to my body's needs in terms of when to eat, but it yells out when I so much as think about eating a food that is bad for me, even if I haven't tried it before. Your GI tract becomes calibrated to the refrigerator/pantry after a while lol!