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3 for the price of 1.

Hi all,
I haven’t been on in a while. I have been taking a break. Life has been rough. We just found out we might have a 3rd kid with Crohn’s.
My son has not been having symptoms but wasn’t growing. We went to the endocrinologist for an evaluation and they did a fecal calprotectin as part of the workup and guess what?
The only thing that came back abnormal was the fecal calprotectin.:ybatty:
So guess who’s getting a colonoscopy tomorrow?
Really hoping this is a lab mixup :yrolleyes:
My older daughter on the other hand is doing really well on Stelara.
My little daughter suddenly wasn’t doing well at all. She had a colonoscopy and it wasn’t good so she is going to be starting Stelara as well. I took a few weeks to get approval but we finally got it and she will be getting her infusion tomorrow.
Between the kids issues and my illness it has been a rough few months.
Trying to stay strong and taking it hour by hour.

Lady Organic

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wow, Im sorry to hear that... quite a lot indeed to deal with. You are courageous. Hope the scope goes well tomorrow. let us know how it goes. Hoping nothing serious is going on.


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How awful for you to have to endure maybe a third child with Crohns....lets hope it isnt so.
You need to take care of yourself with so much going on in your life.
Hoping for a negative scope tomorrow..
Feel better soon
Oh no Kim! How high was the cal pro? Did they do a repeat test? Did the lab happen to say if they did a confirmation test. When my girls get their cal pro testing the lab retests anything over 500.

For my youngest the only test that showed anything was the cal pro and she also stopped growing and gaining weight. But she also had some miserable symptoms that they kept fluffing off as constipation.

I will say a prayer that the GI gets a good look and it is the best outcome possible.
Good news, scopes were clean by the naked eye! Now we just wait for the biopsies!! Fingers crossed that they are clean as well!!!
Now in the infusion center. My younger one is getting the first dose of Stelara.
We are having a two for one deal today at the hospital!