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3 months after total proctocolectomy

So it's been 3 months since I got Agnes, my perm ileostomy and had my rear sewn up. For the longest time I thought I wasn't ever going to heal, that it wasn't going to get any better but here I am!!!

I feel amazing!!! My stoma has healed nicely to my skin, although it does like to retract a lot. My rear end is still in the works but it doesn't hurt anymore and I can finally do pretty much anything I want now.

For the first time in 10 years I love to eat! I love to get out of the house and be active! I've never felt so good. Thank you to everyone who was there for me on these posts and helped me through this long process. I love you guys!!!!

JennaRae----I am 13 months out from same surgery and I am STILL amazed with eating and not being sick! Keep smiling! Dana


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This great to read success stories like yours. Hopefully 3 months after my surgery I'll be able to share great results also. Thanks for sharing!
great news,im awaiting a date with the surgeon,although the buggers seem to be dragging their heels somewhat.
good to know it doesnt take THAT long for healing,i might make my summer holiday if i get a surgery date in the next month...

Enjoy your scran(food).....

Glad to hear your Doing well, excuse my ignorance people people, once you have a total proctocolon surgery, and ileostomy, stoma etc, does this effectively remove Crohn's effecting the digestive Tract? I have heard surgery can cure UC but not Crohn's coz it can appear anywhere from your mouth to your butt... I guess my question is, if you had a flare up after surgery how would it effect you?
Hi Joshuaa, here's my understanding.

You are right, the removal of the colon does not cure crohns but for a Crohns colitis sufferer like me (I.e. my Crohn's has only ever been active in my colon) my consultant thinks the proctocolectomy surgery provides me with a good chance of a permanent remission. However there is always a chance it could start affecting other parts of the digestive tract at a later stage.

For others where crohns affects the small intestine aswell, the proctocolectomy will probably not lead to permanent remission.

Hope this helps,
My question is how soon after surgery did you feel less pain and the ability to go back to daily activity with still minding the lifting restrictions?
My husband is going in at 10am here at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for his Proctcolonomy. Thanks wondering what to expect after for him
My surgery was open belly with a lot of digging around due to adhesions from previous surgeries. For me, less pain after 2 weeks and limited daily activity after a month. I didn't even attempt lifting for months.... but I didn't have good strength for almost 3 months either. The surgery itself is very hard on the body to adjust to, so expect a long period of time before feeling like everything is under control and easy breezy.